Monday, October 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I've wanted to read this book even before the movie came out and I finally got the chance. Here's the description from BOOKLIST:

"Gilbert, author of The Last American Man (2002) and a well-traveled I'll-try-anything-once journalist, chronicles her intrepid quest for spiritual healing. Driven to despair by a punishing divorce and an anguished love affair, Gilbert flees New York for sojourns in the three Is. She goes to Italy to learn the language and revel in the cuisine, India to meditate in an ashram, and Indonesia to reconnect with a healer in Bali. This itinerary may sound self-indulgent or fey, but there is never a whiny or pious or dull moment because Gilbert is irreverent, hilarious, zestful, courageous, intelligent, and in masterful command of her sparkling prose. A captivating storyteller with a gift for enlivening metaphors, Gilbert is Anne Lamott's hip, yoga-practicing, footloose younger sister, and readers will laugh and cry as she recounts her nervy and outlandish experiences and profiles the extraordinary people she meets. As Gilbert switches from gelato to kundalini Shakti to herbal cures Balinese-style, she ponders the many paths to divinity, the true nature of happiness, and the boon of good-hearted, sexy love. Gilbert's sensuous and audacious spiritual odyssey is as deeply pleasurable as it is enlightening." by Donna Seaman

MY REVIEW: I loved this book when she was in Italy discovering her love of food; in India learning to mediate; but it lost my interest in Indonesia when she's trying to find love. It turns out what she's trying to find is LUST, not love. Totally inappropriate. Like I said though, her journey through Italy is so fun and yummy, and I loved her description of grueling yoga and mediation sessions.So my suggestion is if your going to read this book is to read the first and second part and end it there. You will not miss the ending.

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