Saturday, September 19, 2009

To Have or To Hold

To Have or To Hold by Josi Kilpack was a really fun read. Here's the description off of the author's website:
"Emma Blair Tribol seems to have a knack for doing things badly. She married her high-school sweetheart just days after graduating from high school to hide an unplanned pregnancy from her family and to finally live her own life. The pregnancy ends in miscarriage, and the marriage doesn't work out the way she had hoped.
Three years later, divorced and with a 15-month-old baby, she moves to Utah where she has family to help her through this transition in her life. Though she tries to find her place in the LDS church again, she feels she doesn't fit. When her employer, Andrew Davidson, offers her a marriage of convenience in order for him to receive a substantial inheritance, she doesn't see any reason not to accept. But as with everything else in Emma's life, things don't go exactly as planned. Before she can blink, she's made a mess of things all over again. She's fallen in love with Andrew,but holds no illusions that it's a good thing.
However, Andrew is also caught up in the conflicting feelings, and when he finds himself faced with everything he never wanted, he desperately seeks answers of his own."

MY REVIEW: I was pleasantly surprise at this book which seems to combine the movie The Bachelor and a Cinderella type story. This book is definitely a love story, but entertaining at the same time. I'm looking forward to reading some of her other books.

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