Monday, September 9, 2013

Utah State Marv 'n Joes

Did you go to Utah State University, and now that you are no longer on campus, you find yourself craving those delicious open-faced, heaven sent, Marv 'n Joe sandwiches? OK, maybe you did, and maybe you didn't, but either way, you gotta make this sandwich!

Now is the season where you have tomatoes bursting out of your ears and don't know what to do with them right? This is the perfect solution!

This recipe is slightly adapted from Housewife Eclectic. She apparently got a personal lesson from Marv, himself, on how to make these. I found it a highly entertaining read- go check it out.

Marv 'n Joe
(makes 1 sandwich)
1 slice sourdough bread
approx. 1/2 tablespoon spreadable butter (or softened butter)
sprinkle of garlic salt
fresh cracked pepper
4 slices of tomato
Provolone cheese slice
Parmesan cheese (either grated or sliced works)
olive oil

Spread your butter on top of the sourdough bread. Sprinkle with the garlic salt and pepper. Place 4 tomato slices on your bread. Pour a small amount of olive oil and vinegar, just enough to give the sandwich a kick. Top with a piece of provolone cheese and then the parmesan.

Toss in your toaster oven or you broiler on low until the cheese is bubbly and starts to brown. The browning is very important. The edges should be brown and have a little crisp to it.

My husband absolutely LOVED these. He said they were even better than the original! I'm putting it on my Perfect Dinner Project page for a light dinner. 2 each of these were plenty filling.

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