Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Candy Cane Suckers

I saw this cute idea for Valentine's Day suckers (click here for step by step instructions) using left over MINI candy canes and thought they were adorable.

They really are adorable...... sigh....... however, there are a few CRUCIAL things I learned while making them.

#1 USE MINI CANDY CANES- have you ever tried and succeded to peel the wrapper off a normal sized candy cane without breaking it? Didn't think so.

OK, so maybe ONE crucial thing but it is crucial and it could have turned my hour project into a 15 minute project and they would have looked so much cuter. I broke all of the candy canes trying to unwrap them and then it was very difficult to break them off at the correct point.

Not everything I do turns out cute or good, but the idea itself is cute.

Here are my results:
(Note: The one on the left looks a little weird because I baked it for 2 minutes so they would hold better to the stick but it wasn't very helpful and I found out it was useless anyways because the white chocolate holds it all together)

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