Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Crafts

Spring is here! I always get Spring fever and I've been trying out some new crafts.

First up... Birdie Wall Art from simplykellyb.blogspot.com 

This was a simple craft I made from supplies I had on hand. It just takes an hour or two from start to finish. Cutting everything out is the most time consuming part.
It's 3-D so I took another picture to show that aspect:
The originals are much more modern and I'm somewhat a traditionalist so mine turned out way different but I enjoyed making them! All the patterns are on the site and they are FREE!

Next up, Spring Chick Block!
I LOVE LITTLE CHICK! I went to a crafting social with my sister and they were doing these chicks. They are wood blocks painted and sanded with the feathers glued on. They got the kits from this Etsy shop and they were so fun to put together. I love this type of craft because other people are so creative, I just let them do the creative part and then I assemble it and I'm a happy camper! Cost for this craft is $4 plus shipping.

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