Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am a child of God baby gift

It seems like there's been an unusually large number of my friends that are having babies lately. I always want to get them the cutest baby gifts, but that usually means paying an arm and a leg (which I do not have any to spare). Fortunately, I came across this super cute, personalized baby gift that I thought was adorable and made one for my friend. It's pretty self explanatory. Here's my version of it:
As for the details: I found the cutest frame I could at the dollar store (I thought this one was dang cute and modern) and then made and printed a customized saying on it. Mine was made in Word and I used Kristen ITC font for the black parts and Bradley Hand ITC for the colored parts and just did colors I thought were cute. In case you can't tell, after "I am a child of God" you put the baby's name.

You don't totally get the full effect because I blurred out the names but if you want to see another one, just click here to see the original I got the inspiration from.

Hope you enjoyed this crafty idea for the non-crafty people out there- like me!

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