Friday, June 4, 2010

Amazing Carmel Popcorn

My sister makes this amazing caramel popcorn and it is truly AMAZING. It's ooey-gooey and I don't think I need to search anymore for the perfect caramel popcorn recipe, I've found it. Pretty Easy too! We've made it a few times and love it. Here is her recipe:

Amazing Caramel Popcorn

2-3 Bags Microwave popcorn (I prefer 2 so it covers everything nicely)
1/2 C. Butter
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 C. Brown Sugar
1 C. Corn Syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract

Pop bags of popcorn and pour into large bowl, removing any unpopped kernals. Meanwhile, mix butter, sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar and corn syrup in a sauce pan over medium-high heat and bring to boil. Bring to soft ball stage. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Pour over popcorn and let cool before digging in.

Here are the results:

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